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Klay Universe has recently succeeded in receiving investment from various crypto venture capitals and blockchain industry partners.

Klay Universe is successfully building metaverse development and NFT, and is diversifying its business through this. The blockchain industry sees this as a reason for receiving investments from venture capitals and blockchain business partners.

They announced that it will support multi-chain by adding Klaytn, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom.

A Klay Universe official said that the KUT token supports operation in a multi-chain environment. With this, he announced that the team plans to expand the Klay Universe ecosystem and increase various collaborations and partnerships with several excellent chain ecosystems. He said the group plans to add a token swap function to facilitate the exchange. Through this, he said the team expects to secure as many global users as possible and continue collaborating with excellent projects to advance to a project recognized by users worldwide.

He also announced that the Klay universe team plans to improve the stability and reliability of market data through Chainlink’s data feed and create a reliable random number generation (RGN) by using VRF.

The decentralized, adaptable Klay Universe platform was created using the Klaytn, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon Network. The UNIVERSE based on Klay Universe is entirely open and has been made available as open-source.

The NFT of Klay Universe, UNIVERSE, allows users to create their own metaverses.

To raise the worth of your own metaverse, you can build one and sell it. Owners are also free to incorporate anything they like, including encouraging people to host events whether or not they have UNIVERSE.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2022

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